Develop business-
implemented AI
services with AI &
Human Resources

Nanameue's AI development is
a hybrid service development that
combines AI and Human resources,

and which realizing reliable business
implementation without ending AI at PoC.

Nanameue AI service

To business companies and BPO service providers

Nanameue's unique AI service development leveraging the track record of
AI development and BPO operation

Nanameue not only develops its own AI models, but also leverages its track record of BPO services to realize hybrid IT services that combine AI and human resource to achieve business issues, improve efficiency, and improve productivity for customers.

Hybrid Solution

AI model



Challenges in AI business

Excessive expectations for AI raise the bar for introduction and PoC does not end
In AI development, due to excessive expectations for the accuracy of AI, it tends to fall into the task of completely replacing the work currently being performed by people. For this reason, many projects that fail to achieve the expected results even if they spend too much on the PoC.
Issues and services to be solved are not clear because AI is assumed
In many cases, the introduction of AI is a prerequisite without a sufficient understanding of AI. If a project is started without a clear business purpose, the resulting AI may be wasted because there is no point in using it.
As a result of estimating the period and cost loosely, AI can not demonstrate its true value
It is common in AI development that the learning time and cost of AI greatly exceed expectations depending on the purpose and the amount of existing data. If you aim for a short-term ROI, your investment in development will be insufficient and you may end up with models that are not practical.

With Nanameue implementation

First of all, if AI is effective, you can start from a small PoC of about 2 months
More than 80% of AI projects stop at PoC. And the initial costs can reach tens of millions. Nanameue first confirms the validity of AI with a shortterm PoC To do. A PoC that allows you to work on a reasonable budget in a period of about 2 months. First, deepen your understanding of AI and use it concretely You can consider the method.
Support from development to operation for business implementation of AI based on experience in BPO business utilizing AI
Nanameue has more than three years of experience using AI in its BPO business. Using our experience, we advises on the use of AI to improve business efficiency and increase productivity. We will help you to implement the business implementation.
Cost reduction by using hybrid operation between AI and Human with introduction step by step
Ideally, the introduction of AI should be carried out step by step over the medium to long term. However, it is difficult to wait until AI reaches a practical level. Therefore, by combining AI and people and introducing AI step by step, AI learning is realized while operating. Improve business efficiency and productivity over the medium to long term.

Nanameue AI service design flow

In the development of business-implemented AI services, in parallel with AI model development and PoC, we also design a manned service operation system.We will not only end with AI development, but at the same time build an operation system that will realize a gradual introduction of AI.

Service Design

AI model requirements definition/ Specification design

AI model development

Manned response system


Manned response system operation start

Service in

Re-learning Re-planning

Nanameue’s AI can be re-learned Improve performance while implementing and operating AI

With AI and manned hybrid operation, it is possible to improve AI performance by re-learning using operation data. As a result, the business coverage of AI will increase, leading to cost reductions such as reduction of labor costs and operation load.

Nanameue’s AI model

Nanameue customizes its own trained AI model to suit your purpose. We will provide a model that can be re-learned according to your service.

Image recognition

Object recognition / object detection model

Detect and recognize various objects such as people and objects. Use for annotation such as classification and tagging

Unsuitable image detection model for UGC service

Detects sexual images, weapons / violence images, grotesque images, etc.

Face recognition

Individual recognition model

Face recognition model that is strong for Asians attendance management, crime prevention, smart gate, etc.

Face recognition model for marketing

Get visitors profile information at stores and events

Original AI model development

In addition to the AI models described above, we can develop various AI models tailored to your business.

  • OCR
  • Chatbot
  • Recommend engine
  • Prediction engine
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Etc

Google, Amazon, also Microsoft System construction using AI models is also possible.

Please leave the system
construction by AI x RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA), which automates routine tasks, is expected to promote work style reform and digital transformation, and has already been adopted by many companies.

By combining it with AI, it is possible to implement AI business in response to atypical tasks that have traditionally been considered difficult with RPA and tasks that require complex business decisions.

Nanameue AI service utilization example

  • Marketing research
  • Reputation monitoring Content moderation
  • Fraud investigation
  • Marketing
  • Sales support
  • System integration
  • Workflow automation
  • System management


Feel free to contact us for the development of busines-simplemented AI services by AI x Human resource.

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